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The Star Chamber

Unicorn Chapel
the Eleven Steps

SHE - the Shadow Sovereign
Good King Brian

Where history, myth, and technology meet!















This immersive novel brings back the nostalgia of yesteryears, offering not only a captivating story but also a curated music soundtrack that adds a retro appeal to your reading experience.


Just like those old vinyl records or cardboard records in classic magazines, the book takes you on a journey where words intertwine with melodies, transporting you to a bygone era while embracing the possibilities of modern technology. Indulge in the delight of instant vintage with this enchanting novel that combines the best of the past and present.


Get ready to be transported to the world of Unicorn Chapel by following these simple steps to use the QR codes provided.

Step 1: Get ready to embark on a sensory journey like never before! As you read through the pages of this book, keep your smartphone or tablet handy.

Step 2: Look out for the special QR codes strategically placed throughout the book. They're like magical portals to a symphony of sound!

Step 3: Launch your preferred QR code scanning app on your device. Don't have one? No worries! Simply search for a QR code scanner in your app store and download one. There are plenty of free options available.

Step 4: Once you have your scanning app ready, position your device's camera over the QR code. Make sure it's in focus, and within seconds, prepare to be transported to a whole new audio dimension!

Step 5: Be amazed as the QR code springs to life, instantly connecting you to a curated playlist of music and foley effects designed to complement the story. Each code is thoughtfully linked to a specific section, enhancing the mood and atmosphere you're reading about.

Step 6: Immerse yourself in the harmonies, melodies, and atmospheric sounds as you continue reading. Let the music and foley effects become the soundtrack to your literary adventure, amplifying your imagination and bringing the story to life in ways you've never experienced before.

Step 7: Feel free to adjust the volume according to your preference, allowing the music and sounds to blend seamlessly with the narrative. You're in control of creating your perfect audio backdrop.

So, fellow readers, are you ready to take your reading experience to new heights? Grab Unicorn Chapel in PAPERBACK  or eBook to unlock the power of the QR codes, and let the magic of music and sound transport you into the heart of the story.


ARE YOU READY TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO an immersive adventure like no other? TRY IT NOW

Blakiston, the Wise Owl
Aoibheann & Aishling
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Argalad & Firverior
The Women of the Way
Aeval - the Fairy Queen
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Curated Audio Selection

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