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Unicorn Chapel
the Eleven Steps

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Just like those old vinyl records or cardboard records in classic magazines, the book takes you on a journey where words intertwine with melodies, transporting you to a bygone era while embracing the possibilities of modern technology. Indulge in the delight of instant vintage with this enchanting novel that combines the best of the past and present.

Chapter 1

               Legend tells of a time when the Emerald Isle was graced with a grove of majestic trees, known as the Circle of Kings. Each tree possessed a divine essence, set apart from all others since their planting—a sacred act reserved for those chosen to guide the era to come. As the lore goes, on the day of the new ruler's coronation, the High Leader would emerge from the midst of the people and acknowledged by the ruling lords, plant a tree amidst the revered Circle of Kings.

          In the intricate tapestry of nature, every tree begins as a seed, and so it was with these esteemed trees. A small remnant, akin to a seed, was carefully placed beneath the tender sapling. Many believed that as the seed brought life to the tree, so would the monarch thrive under its protective canopy, while the land flourished, and its people prospered. Thus, the seed, the tree, and the chosen ruler became forever entwined within the eternal Circle of Kings.


       Once crowned, the monarch would lead a jubilant parade to a seemingly ordinary rock—a rock with rough and smooth edges, unassuming in appearance. At its pinnacle, a flat surface nestled beneath shaded crevices, where water would collect. Curiously, these crevices bore a pattern not shaped by human hands but rather evoking the very essence of humanity itself. To the imaginative eye, the moss-lined divots seemed to form a delicate teardrop shape, while just beyond, a dented outline hinted at a footprint. This rock, known as King's Rock, became the sacred ground upon which each ruler would step, signifying their sovereignty over the Emerald Isle. It was here that the former monarch relinquished their land, title, and powers, passing the torch to their successor and securing the kingdom's future.


          During Ireland's golden age, countless men vied for the prestigious title of High King. Many aspired to plant a tree within the Circle of Kings, believing that with the twelfth tree and the completion of the steps on King's Rock, Ireland's destiny would be forever sealed under the just reign of their lordship. The people yearned for a benevolent ruler, a protector who would ensure the land's freedom and abundance. Yet, others feared the consequence should a cruel and wicked king plant the twelfth tree, dooming Ireland to the horrors of their tyrannical reign.


          In the year 1002, after the planting of the tenth tree in the Circle of Kings, the seasoned and wise Brian Boruma mac Cennetig ascended to the esteemed position of High King of Ireland. As a testament to his lordship, he placed a braided piece of blue fabric beneath the tree, its significance known only to him. Despite doubts whispered during lean harvests or sparse fish in the weirs, the land continued to thrive over the passing years. But then came the Great Battle of Clontarf, and those who had dismissed the prophecy were compelled to choose sides. In the wake of destiny defied, the Circle of Kings was destroyed, and Good King Brian was immortalized as a legend, for few believed the completion of the eleventh or twelfth step.


          Yet, in the annals of time, the trees remember all. It is within the rings, lines, knots, and scars of our brother—the tenth tree, the tree of Brian Boruma mac Cennetig—that we share this tale with you. For through it, you shall come to know the story of a simple village child, much like yourself, destined to fulfill the Steps—though many may fail to recognize it. And so, as the Circle of Kings, we shall share the extraordinary tale of Peadair and his sister Caoimhe.

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